Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Review of Fiverr Marketplace

Fiverr is an online marketplace where everything service or product offered is 5$. I have being using this service for a while now, both as a seller and a buyer, and in this Fiverr review I will share my experience and give you few reasons why you should join this service.

Although there are some physical products sold there it is more of a service marketplace, similar to websites like freelancer, but with lot less complications like bidding, acceptance tests etc.

This is a great place to outsource your work as well, and since the price is fixed, you dont have to bargain or go looking for better deals. There is a feedback system so you can easily find out who are the top and reliable sellers and order a gig from them.

There is surprisingly little detail about the company found in the web, but as long as they keep paying me I guess I dont have any complains. They are featured in some reputable websites like TechCrunch and CNN so they seem to be a reliable and stable company.

Anyway at most you will lose 5$, so there is no harm in trying it out.Because of the success of Fiverr few more sites like that were started basically using the same Fiverr sript. The look and feel is the same with slight differences in amount for a gig etc.

I have used some of those sites and they are definitely not as active as Fiverr, so I suggest you stick with them. Keep reading the article to learn making money with Fiverr and how to find great deals on Fiverr.

Make Money with Fiverr

There is only one way to make money with Fiverr and that is to sell your gig or gigs as much as you can. The way to sell your gig is get as much positive feedback as you can for your gig and also get lots of traffic to your gig.

The absolute best way to get traffic to your gig is to get featured for specific category, and as far as I can see there is no mention about how you can get your gig featured. Maybe they selected the best performing gigs and feature them or something like that.

However there are many more ways to get traffic to your gigs and I will discuss them in creating a gig section. Another thing you can do is to be on the lookout for requests displayed in the side bar of the websites.

People ask for all sorts of things and if you think you can provide what they are asking for 5$ make sure to strike a conversation with them and sell your gig.

The most important thing to remember when selling in Fiverr is to be polite with your potential customers and to build a good relationship with them. I have 100% positive feedback in Fiverr and some are repeat customers as well.

Creating a Gig at Fiverr

As mentioned before every job at Fiverr is called a gig and below are few things you should consider when creating the best fiverr gigs.

It should be something profitable for you. Remember that you cant adjust the price here, whatever you sell can only be sold at 5$. So make sure that it is something worthy but not too time consuming. Adding meta tags to a blogger blog is worth 5$ but designing the layout for 5$ might not be worth it.

Fiverr allows you to add a video for your gig so if you have the capability make sure to add a video describing your gig, this will lead to more people ordering from you.

You can add keywords to every gig you create so make sure to add descriptive keywords to your gig, so your gig is featured in related gigs section at the bottom of every gig.

Buying a Gig at Fiverr

I not only sell services at Fiverr but I buy services as well. You can use the money you earned to buy different services sold at Fiverr. Every service you can think of is listed there in Fiverr and if you want a specific thing you can always ask in the request gig section.

One thing to remember is that you are only paying 5$, so what you get isnt the best quality stuff out there.

For example if you order a gig to create a video for you dont expect it to be high quality video done with expensive software.

This is a great place to outsource those boring but simple tasks like social media submissions, directory submissions and also to get quick work like logo design and banner design done. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking to outsource tedious tasks and for people who are looking to make money online.